How to Fix “A source in the Swamp” Quest Bug in Atlas Fallen

The guide describes how to fix a stuck rise in the “A source in the Swamp” quest. There are a few ways to fix this, one of them is to restart the puzzle.

Downloading & Extracting

1) Download and Install Python 3.

2) Download Savegame utility Altas Fallen Savegame

3) Extract

4) Open Atlas Fallen savegame folder <path\to\steam>\userdata\<user id>\1230530\remote>.

5) Copy autosave*.sav last modified file to the previously extracted folder.

Extract as Json

Run Command Promt\Power Shell or something else in utility folder and type:

python extract_json autosave.sav autosave.json


python extract_json <sav file in> <json body out> {options}

-> Extracts the body from a save file as json.


  • –skip-era: Skips processing the game-specific portion of the save game body. May help with bugs or new game versions.
  • –keep-inner-json-as-string: Will export the inner json as a raw string, to produce a 1:1 representation down to the characters.

Editing .json file

1) Open the output file autosave.jsonwith any text editor, e.g. Notepad.

2) Press Ctrl+F or open Find window and type “lvl5_af_access_switch_puzzle_swamp”.

3) Scroll down and find the AccessSwitchFailed line, then replace the value false with true

"AccessSwitchFailed": {
"bool": true

3) Save!


Open Terminal and type:

python compose_json autosave.sav autosave.json autosave1.sav --compress


python compose_json <sav file in> <json body in> <sav file out> {options}
-> Replaces the body in a save file from a json representation.


  • –compress: Compresses the contents.

Move the game save file

1) Move changed autosave1.sav file to savegame folder.

2) Restart the game.

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