How to Fix Giga Rock Bug in Rock Life: The Rock Simulator

How I get pass Giga Rock bugging achievement.


I had a problem when the game reached 100 hours. That’s 6,000 minutes in the game. The trophy itself did not appear. And when I pressed the change location button, the game froze and closed. So I have to farm another 100 hours separately.

My computer has multiple monitors. On the day I collected this trophy, I opened another game to play together.

Giga Rock

The game actually counts Session-time when you open Shift+Tab (in Windows), not the actual time shown in the game. It will count the time you are really active.

Rock family

Rock family: You have to press the buttons about 50,000 or 100,000 times. And the game may be a little buggy. When you press the number of times in a level and the stone won’t appear, just keep pressing. Trust me, you’re smarter than sitting and pressing the button tens of thousands of times.** It will show signs of influence. That’s wrong if I say it here. So go ahead and think about it yourself.

Sedimental Value

Sedimental Value: This should be a mode where you create a room to play in Multiplayer mode, that’s it. (Rock Together mode)

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