PGA Tour 2K23

How to Fix hb-rs 1702 Error in PGA Tour 2K23

PGA Tour 2K23 has been out for a while now, but it seems that players have been having some in-game issues. One of these errors in the game is the hb-rs 1702 error, which results in players being kicked out of the game.

The PGA Tour 2K23 hb-rs 1702 error code is usually related to network issues. If you’re getting this kind of issue in the game, you can find the details below on how to fix it.

Fix PGA Tour 2K23 hb-rs 1702 Error Code

As mentioned earlier, the hb-rs 1702 error code in PGA Tour 2K23 is a network-related issue. Here are some of the fixes that you can try to address this issue in the game.

Restart the Game

One of the simplest solutions to fix this issue is to simply restart PGA Tour 2K23. Closing the game will force the game to refresh the data and other files when you boot the game. One of which is the connection of the game to the game’s server.

Restart Your Internet Connection

If you still have the issue after restarting the game, another solution is to refresh your internet connection. You can do it by restarting your router. This will trigger the router to give you a new and fresh IP address. It is recommended that you turn off the router and wait for 10–20 seconds before turning it on again.

Use a Wired Connection

While most of us are already enjoying the wireless connection, you may want to use the wired internet connection when you play PGA Tour 2K23. This is to ensure that you have a stable connection with the PGA Tour 2K23 servers. Having a stable connection will lessen the connection issues in the game.

Restart Your Machine

The PGA Tour 2K23 hb-rs 1702 will be available no matter which system you are using. Since this is a network-related issue, another solution that you can try is restarting your PC or console. This method will ensure that your machine will be reconnected to the internet after the reboot.


Another effective solution is to use a virtual private network or VPN. Using a VPN will give your device a secure internet connection using a secured IP. If your IP has been banned by the server, which rarely happens, using a VPN will fix the problem.


With all the recommended solutions above, we are hoping that we helped you fix the PGA Tour 2K23 hb-rs 1702 error. If you’re still having this problem after trying the methods above, you can reach the official support of PGA Tour 2K23 on the game’s official community page on Steam.