How to Fix Logitech X56 Ghosting in DCS World

Potential fixes to the notorious ghosting issues if you use a Logitech X56 like me for whatever unfortunate reason.


Plug throttle into one USB controller (such as computer case), plug the stick into another (such as a USB hub). Never do both computer case, both same hub, etc. Use separate USB controllers.

If this doesn’t work try the other methods.

The Fixes

1) Plug each component into different USB controllers. An example that I use is plugging my throttle directly onto the computer case’s front USB ports and the throttle into my USB hub. This is the solution that worked for me and helped one of my friends. I don’t know the technical stuff behind it too much but what I was explained is that signals can get confused coming from both devices on the same hub, which causes ghosting. Don’t shoot me for any bad explanation, I’m just a middleman, but again this is likely the solution that works best.

2) A powered USB hub is usually almost always necessary. For probably obvious reasons the stick and throttle need more power than usual and feeding it power can help with this.

3) Try USB 2.0 ports. This is a more uncommon solution that I can’t really explain, but it may work. It doesn’t benefit much from 3.0 anyway.

4) Try to RMA. Wires get stripped inside the product over time so may be worth RMAing. Sometimes you get to keep the old one too and you can try and fix and sell it, or just have it for parts.

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