How to Fix Resolution and Screen Mode Forgotten but Unbroken

For players of Forgotten but Unbroken, adjusting resolutions can be challenging as the current alpha build does not have graphic options. However, there are launch parameters that can be useful in tweaking resolutions.


As Forgotten but Unbroken is built using Unity, players can utilize common Unity launch options to adjust settings, including resolutions. However, it’s worth noting that these options may not work for everyone and are based on individual experiences. It’s also possible that the default resolution for the game is 1920×1080, which is a common resolution for many games. It’s important to keep in mind that as the game is currently in alpha, everything is subject to change.

The method

screen-width 1280 -screen-height 720 -screen-fullscreen

If you’re unsure about where to put the launch parameter options, a quick Google search for terms like ‘Steam game launch parameter settings location’ should provide some helpful information. It’s important to add these options in the launch parameter section of the game’s options menu.

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