How To Fix RIDE 4 PC Black Screen Issues, Crashing, and FPS Drop (Solved)

Milestone srl’s RIDE 4 is officially available on PC. But unfortunately, it seems that lots of Windows PC users are currently experiencing black screen issues, game crashing, fps drop, and more. If you’re one of these gamers who are having this kind of RIDE 4 issues, this guide will help you fix these problems.

Black screen, game freeze, and other issues are common for PC games. Fortunately, we can always find a solution to fix these issues without relying on the developers. For RIDE 4, fixing this kind of game issues is an easy task. Below are the compiled methods to help you fix these problems.


Fix Game Crash When Launching RIDE 4

One of the reasons why you are getting crashing issues when launching the game is the lack of administrative rights. If you haven’t tried this method yet, you can try running RIDE 4 as an administrator.

Another possible suspect for having this issue is your anti-virus program. There’s a chance that your security program is restricting the process of RIDE 4. To solve this issue, you can temporarily disable your antivirus or add RIDE 4.exe file to the exclusion list.

Last but not least is that your hardware did not meet the system requirements of RIDE 4. Make sure that your PC meets at least the minimum requirements of the game.

Fix Black Screen Issues Fix (Method 1)

The first suspect for having the black screen issues in RIDE 4 is having outdated GPU drivers. Please note that RIDE 4 is a demanding video game, which is why the developer is suggesting to have GeForce GTX 1060, Radeon RX 580, or higher to smoothly play the game.

To fix the black screen issue, please update the following:

Fix Black Screen Issues Fix (Method 2)

Are you still getting the black screen in RIDE 4 after doing the recommended methods above? If yes, there’s another way to fix it.

  1. Open the game via Steam.
  2. Hit ALT key followed by the ENTER key.
  3. Change the display settings and match it with your native resolution.

FPS Drop Fix

You have managed to fix the black screen, game crash, and game freeze, but another problem appears. You’re now getting a massive FPS drop while playing RIDE 4. To get a stable FPS in RIDE 4, you should prioritize the game. Here’s how to do it.

  1. Run Second Extinction on your PC.
  2. Open Task Manager.
  3. Go to the Details tab.
  4. Search for RIDE 4.exe and right-click the process.
  5. Select Set Priority and choose High.

Contact Support

If you’re still having the issues after doing all the recommended solution above, then you can try reaching the developer.

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