Little Witch in the Woods

How to Free Rubrum From the Spiderweb in Little Witch in the Woods

One of the creatures that you will be encountering while exploring the wilderness in Little Witch in the Woods is Rubrum. Unfortunately, he was unconscious when you found him, as he’d been trapped in a spiderweb. If you want to free Rubrum from the spiderweb, you can refer to the detailed guide below.

How to Free Rubrum

Freeing Rubrum will also complete the main quest titled “A Fox Among the Spiderwebs”. To free him, you need to collect some maple leaves, which are pretty common in the Green Forest Plateau.

You can easily spot these maple leaves hanging along with dangle mango. The maple leaf is colored brown and green, while the dangle mango is yellow and green. You can climb the cliffs in the Green Forest Plateau and collect as many maple leaves as you can.

You only need one maple leaf to free the guy. In our case, we only collected around 10 maple leaves just in case we needed them in the next quest. Head back to Rubrum and interact with him to free him from the spiderweb.

Once you have freed Rubrum, return to the Witch’s House to fulfill and complete the “A Fox Among the Spiderwebs” quest.

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