How to Get a Pokemon-Like Experience in Palworld

Tweaked settings to have a more Pokemon-like experience, speeding up crafting, egg timers, health regen, pal healing, and removing death penalty, while increasing spawn rates.

What exactly this does and why

  • Pal Spawnrate x 3 – > More creatures to catch, farm, fight = more fun
  • Player HP Regen x2 -> Healing in this game is very slow, and sleeping can be tedious
  • Sleep Healing for Players x 10 -> See Above
  • Sleep Healing (in box) for Pal x 100 -> This should make pals heel incredibly fast when in a box, instead of it being 10 minutes. (Untested, may still be 10 minutes and just heal faster after, even so worth having the tweak).
  • Longest Egg Timer should be 1 actual hour, which is normally 72 hours.
  • Work Speed x 30 -> Crafting takes forever in this game, even when buffed by pals, and really its the least fun bit of the game.
  • Removed Death Penalty -> When players die now they will keep everything equipped and on them as is. Running back to grab equipment off the ground is tedious and punishing since it can remove a lot of your movement abilities and defense. This makes it much more player friendly like a Pokemon game.

How to Enable ‘Pokemon’ Mode

Copy and paste the entire codeblock below in whatever PalWorldSettings.ini instance you want them to take effect in. It can be an already active game, but the game and or server will need to be closed and reopened for changes to take effect. The file should have no spaces before, after, or during the config settings.

*Be sure to replace YOURIPADDRESSHERE with your external IP address if you plan on playing multiplayer.*

File Locations:

Player hosted location (non-PalServer hosted)


Dedicated PalServer file location

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