How to Get All Achievements in Neighborhorde DLC in My Friendly Neighborhood

With the new Neighborhorde DLC come 3 new achievements, here’s how to get them and some tips for the new Neighborhorde mode!

Neighborhorde Achievements

Neighborhorde Veteran
Unlocked all Neighborhorde stages.

There is a total of 4 stages in the mode, to unlock a new stage just get a S rank an all level currently available.

Neighborhorde Family
Unlocked all Neighborhorde characters.

There is a total of 4 characters in the mode, to unlock a new character just get one S rank on all available characters.

Final Mystery
Later is now.

This acheivement have a little more step than the other.

1) First you need to have a S rank on all map and a S rank on all characters.
Do this and you will unlock the « tape cutter »

2) Once you unlock the « tape cutter » you’ll need to start a new game on any difficulty.
You’ll notice that you have the tape cutter in your inventory.

3) Now simply go to the hotel to get the stage 4 key, enter it, and make your way into the room where the taped dressed is.

4) Open it and you’ll found a strange key, now go back in the hotel, go upstaire to the “123 room” and enjoy your reward.

The Gameplay

Neighborhorde is a timed survival mode focused on getting a maximum of point with limited ressources on a fixated map

Each time you finish off a puppet you’ll gain 15 point and +1 to your multiplier.

Sometime a huge evil puppet spawn, it will have a lot of health but the same hitbox as a normal puppet , it will give you 150 and +1 to your multiplier

You can also gain +1 to your multiplier by hit some target around the map.

Your multiplier can go up to x25 but will reset either if you get hug or if you take to much time to have another +1 (even if it’s capped)

On each map you can found :

6 vending machine where you can trade one coin for some items :

-A full Rolodexer magazine

-A full Novelist magazine

-One Punctuation

-One Health-o-Lax

-One Choco Zip dispenser

-One Gray soda dispenser
The gray soda make you shoot faster.

Some targets you can hit 3 time to gain more time ( 15s first time hited | 30s second time hited | 60s third time hited ) but will need to reload for a while before getting re-hit again.

There are also a lot random spawn of ammo and coins around the map

The puppet can drop items according to characters, they can drop ammo for your owned weapons, coins and health (less common).

Basic strategy

When you spawn you should hurry to found ammo and coins to be able to have enough ammo to take down most of the first puppets and eat at least 2 energy bar.
I almost always prioritize energy bar because having the ability to go faster than the puppet in any situation is just vital and efficiant to go everywhere and doing everything.
You should always have one health-o-lax on you.
Make sure to not hit the target to much in early game because later in the game the pause between raid will destroy your multiplier
When you feel like you have enough coins don’t hesitate to buy some gray soda and consume them between raid.

With that you should vaincuish any map with any characters.



Gordon is a well balanced character who start with a fully charged Rolodexer and a Novelist with 6 ammo.
The rolodexer is way more efficiant than the novelist on alone puppets and little group so you should not use the Novelist unless you have to, big puppet or if you’re in mid/late game


Junebug is the easiest character to play because she own the Conclusion with infinite ammo.
So just buy some energy bar right at the start and some gray soda and you’ll win easily.


Chimken start with 9 Punctuations he is quite challenging to play with because of the backfire, it’s harder to aim (especially since you smaller than normal) and the lack of ammo can really be felt by playing him.
With him you should prioritze getting more ammo

Ricky is quite alright, he start with an empty rolodexer, the wrench and 5 coins
He give you a good head start with his 5 coins.
Unlike Gordon, Ricky doesn’t have a strong weapon so you should buy either some gray soda or some Punctuations


Sound Stage 

Sound Stage is a good first map, there is a good center place to run around the puppet, free ammo accessible with the pizza topping quest and in some boxes, Punctuation and Novelist ammo are hard to reach with getting cornered. Pearl is there and can be a little annoying or help you out by blocking the puppets. The item can spawn everywhere


Office is a little harder than Sound Stage, the center place is smaller, all dispensers are in dead end and goblet is here and need to be play with to go grab some ammo, but most of the item spawn on the main desk or around it

Hedge Maze 

Hedge Maze is tough, the center place is not good and hardloaded with obstacles, the dogs are sneaky and make almost no sound, the target and dispenser are everywhere, but the item spawn mostly on bench

Pirate Cove 

Pirate Cove is an easy map, you can run freely everywhere without a lot of consequences.
You can do the Conclusion quest but do not take it ! it’s empty. There are also 5 coins in the chests. The items spawn mostly outstage. And finally, the targets can be very easily hit from everywhere.

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