How to Get All Costumes and Plushies in Ara and the Empty Universe

It had to be done so here, all ready, listed in order you can get them in the game. Obviously location spoilers.

The loot

Dishwasher Doll

In the teleport hub location, right side of the big area, middle door. In the open drawer.

Yuki Doll

Veldoss Offices, Storage room, you can either get hints from the computer or just see it on the shelf, it’s pretty obvious (2-3).

Nitro Rad Plushie

Bozmek R&D, hotel you arrive at first second floor, last door on Ara’s left. It’s just sitting on the floor near the fridge, can’t miss it.

Grim and Dark AND Kitchen Cleanup (both are clothes)

Same location, but last door on Ara’s right, just across the corridor from the plushie or vice versa. In the desk down and left.

The First Banana (clothes)

Same location but the actual Bozmek R&D building. The only door on the right, then the last door at the end of the corridor, in the half-open box.

Spirit’s Grin (clothes)

First custom-jump location (Reality breaking tower), just sitting in the corner of the first room down the hatch.

Thafnine Plush

Same location, floor 6 (next after the creepy vase floor

at least in Our Way Down those gave a warning). Another open drawer.

Hacknine Plush

Location after White plains (Space ship). Take the elevator from the bridge (where you teleported to) to cryo storage, through the door to the right and then up from the pod with the red stuff. An open box to your left.

Inescapable Duty Outfit

Same location, a slightly open closet on the right from the open box.

That’s it, now your post-game room and your inventory are fully stocked.

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