How to Get All Endings in Strange Telephone

This guide will be showing you how to get all available endings in Strange Telephone

Complete Ending Guide

No.1 “Normal” – Use the Blue Key on the “Terminal Gate” (Large door in “Core”)

No.2 “Normal..?” – Use the Black Key on the “Terminal Gate” (Large door in “Core”)

No.3 “True” – Use the White Key on the “Terminal Gate” (Large door in “Core”)

No.4 “Disconnect” – Go to (666666) “Disconnect” and stand there until the entity also called “Disconnect” kills the player. If “Disconnect” doesn’t show up you can find it on plenty of other levels.

No.5 “Maximum Glitch” – Let the Glitch meter at the top left reach 5

No.6 “Pero Pero Hell” – Go to (687492) “Red” and give “Pero” the Lollipop

No.7 “Strange Dream” – Go to (269335) “WoodenHouse”, wear the Imperial Night Wear and sleep in the bed.

No.8 “Trip to the Moon” Go to a “MysteriousHill” level (528992) and give Fuel to “Usanin”, a rabbit-like space entity.

No.9 “Night Wind” – Give the Repair Screw “Mieru” a one-armed eye entity that can be found at “Eyes” (66356#). You will be teleported to “Tenebrism”, then interact with “Blunt” who will flip a switch from red to teal. Then dial (######) “Entrance” and go through the door. You will then be teleported to a balcony, walk to the left.

No.10 “Graham’s soul” – Use the book on the left podium in the “Core” and phone the number in the book. This will send you to “Solitude” where you speak to “Bocchi” a ghost-like entity who will tell you a phone number. Memorize this number and then call it. The level will be called “Soulroom”. Then give the Incandescent Light Bulb to Phonium, a green plant-like creature.

No.11 “StrangeTelephone/Origin” – Go to (201553) and interact with the telephone.
This will start the older version of the game:

NOTE: Dialing the wrong number will kill the player and reset the “old version” of the game’s progress.

  • Search the desk to the right of the player to get Strange Memo.
  • Use Strange Memo to find code – 9273
  • Dial 9273 into the telephone to the left of the level. You’ll receive a TV Remote
  • Stand in front of the TV to the right of the level to turn it on
  • Go back to the telephone and dial 1324 to receive Strange Glasses
  • Equipped Strange Glasses and quickly search bed to retrieve Magical Hanger

NOTE: While wearing Strange Glasses you can be killed by a dark cloud if you take too much time. However, while wearing Magical Dress you become immune to the dark cloud.

  • Use Magical Hanger on the coat pegs on the wall and grab the Magical Dress.
  • Equip the Magical Dress and Strange Glasses and walk to the right of the level. 3258 is written on the wall.
  • Call 3258 to receive Binoculars.
  • Take off Strange Glasses and use Binoculars whilst standing in front of the window to receive Shining Star.
  • Equip Strange Glasses and use Shining Star whilst wearing Magical Dress to defeat dark clouds.
  • Walk to the exit door and leave.
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