How to Get Any Girl You Want in Telephone Club in Yakuza 0

Have you ever been frustrated by a minigame that relies on random number generation and seems to repeat endlessly? Despite trying various guides to unlock all of the girls’ individual substories, none of them proved to be as reliable as my own method. Therefore, I have decided to share my technique with all of you in the hopes of assisting any newcomers.

Swimsuit Color

The color of the swimsuit that appears in the background during the minigame corresponds to a specific girl. There are three girls associated with each swimsuit, but all three swimsuits have one girl in common that leads to the same substory. This results in a total of seven substories, three of which are successful dates while the other four are failures.

The Girls

Below is the comprehensive list of girls along with their corresponding substories:


  • Riku – The Innocent Hook-up (When you meet her outside the theater, select “Girl in Front)
  • Mirei – Verbal Warning
  • Asakura – Sakura Shock


  • Ayaka – The Sexy Hook-Up (Select “Move in for a better look”, then “Farther Woman”)
  • Maria – The Predator’s Call
  • Sakurako – Sakura Shock


  • Haruki – The Flirty Hook-Up (When you meet her outside the theater, select “Far Girl”)
  • Sayuri – A Mother’s Touch
  • Sakurai – Sakura Shock

Keep in mind that you only need to trigger Sakura Shock once. Even if you encounter different sakuras during the game, nothing new will happen.

Finding the Right Girl

This part of the game heavily relies on random number generation, and even I am unsure of how effective my method truly is. However, since it worked for me, it might also prove useful for you.

Before the actual game begins, there is a quick-time event where you have to answer the phone. The speed of this event can vary, and it impacts the type of girl you will encounter. The following is the approach that worked for me:

  • Fastest QTE – Successful date
  • Medium QTE – Sakura date
  • Slowest QTE – Failed date

Keep in mind that it is also necessary to trigger the failures in order to unlock their substories.

If you only wish to go on successful dates, wait for the fastest QTE, which typically lasts about one second.

You can also listen to the girls’ voices, as they are supposedly unique for each one. While I personally couldn’t differentiate between them, if you recognize a particular voice, you may choose to hang up and attempt to trigger another girl’s substory.

In case you accidentally trigger the wrong girl’s substory, remember to use the LB button to hang up the phone, as this can save you a significant amount of time.

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