How To Get Apex Coins in Apex Legends For Free

Apex Coins

One of the most common question when it comes to games is how to get unlimited resources. And similar to the other games, Apex Legends fans are also searching for ways on how to get Apex Coins for free.

Well, you’re lucky you found us. With the arrival of Season 1 Battle Pass, players can now collect Apex Coins in a matter of time. But how does it works?

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How To Get Apex Coins For Free

This only works if you’re a Season 1 Battle Pass owner. To own a battle pass, you need to spend 950 Apex Coins which is around $9.99. Once you already own the Season 1 Battle Pass, all you need to do is play the game and complete the tasks that will be given to you.

Everytime you play a game, your battle pass will level up and if you’re still unaware, each level of the battle pass will give you 50 to 100 Apex Coins for free. Here are the levels that you need to reach to receive the Apex Coins inside the battle pass:

  • Rank 7
  • Rank 11
  • Rank 17
  • Rank 21
  • Rank 31
  • Rank 37
  • Rank 41
  • Rank 47
  • Rank 57
  • Rank 63
  • Rank 67
  • Rank 77
  • Rank 87
  • Rank 97

I know it’s not easy to rank up, but once you reach the maximum level which is Rank 100, you already receive around 1,000 Apex Coins. If the developer doesn’t have any plan to increase the price of Battle Pass in the next season, it only means that you can grab the Season 2 Battle Pass for free.