Legendary Cobalion

How To Get Cobalion in Pokemon Sword & Shield’s The Crown Tundra

Pokemon Sword and Shield’s newest DLC called The Crown Tundra is now live. Players with Expansion Pass can now explore and meet new Pokemon in the second area.

One of the newly added Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield is the Cobalion, one of the legendary Pokemon introduced in Generation V. Cobalion is a steel/fighting-type Pokemon, and if you’re wondering how to get it in Pokemon Sword and Shield, here’s a guide on how you can catch it.

Legendary Cobalion

Where and How to Get Cobalion

Before you actually meet Cobalion, you need to do some research and exploration first. You need to find 50 iron will Pokemon footprints around the map. Once you already found 50 iron will Pokemon footprints, go to Freezington and find Sonia.

You can find her by just visiting her house. Interact and talk to Sonia. Just finish the conversation and you can now proceed to Cobalion’s location.

Exit the house and open your map and find your way to Three-Point Pass. Once the map is loaded, go to the Frigid Sea and proceed to the easter part of the map. You will find the Cobalion on top of the hill near the tree. In case Cobalion is not there, just explore the nearby areas as this legendary Pokemon usually appear in this place.

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