How to Get Generals in Sanguo’s Ambition 4: Three Kingdoms

In the game Sanguo’s Ambition 4: Three Kingdoms, generals are the most important content. So, what are the ways to recruit generals in the game? Here is a recruitment guide for generals in Sanguo’s Ambition 4, let’s take a look at the introduction below.

How to Obtain Generals

In the strategy games of the Three Kingdoms, generals have always been of paramount importance. Having more powerful generals is equivalent to having the key to victory.

So how do you get more generals?

Firstly, you can recruit wandering generals. Wandering generals will appear randomly in January every year. The more cities you have, the more chances you have to get wandering generals.

At the beginning, three wandering generals will appear around the main city by default. It takes 1 labor and 10 days to recruit them under your command.

Secondly, you can capture enemy generals. When you start to have generals, recruit soldiers and horses, and march towards surrounding forces. Defeat them, and when the opposing forces are annihilated, you will capture all the generals of the opposing forces. At this time, you can take the opportunity to recruit them. Of course, recruitment may not always be successful. Some people may prefer death over surrender. In this case, you can choose to execute or release the general.

After being released, captured generals will appear randomly in a city in January of the next year. If you’re lucky and they appear within your power range, you can recruit them under your command.

The above are all the ways to obtain generals in the current version of “Sanguo’s Ambition 4”. With version updates, there may be settings where neutral parties actively send generals to forces.

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