Gotham Knights

How to Get More Nth Metal in Gotham Knights

One of the rarest and most important resources in Gotham Knights is the Nth Metal. This specific resource is used to craft several legendary items and weapons in the game. However, unlike any other resources, it’s pretty hard to find Nth Metal. In this guide, we will show you the best way to farm Nth Metal in Gotham Knights.

How to Farm Nth Metal in Gotham Knights

The best method that we know to get Nth Metal in Gotham Knights is by completing missions that have a difficulty level of Very Difficult.

While most of the challenges will not give you an exact reward of Nth Metal, you will still have a chance to get this rare resource when you defeat an enemy. For example, the screenshot below shows Nth Metal as a loot reward for killing a very notorious criminal in Gotham City.

To obtain more Nth Metal, you just need to rinse and repeat the process. Find the most notorious criminals in the city and take them down. You can easily find these potential criminals by looking at Gotham’s Most Wanted criminals.