How to Get NCR Ranger Outfit in Fallout: New Vegas

This is a quick guide that will show the locations of all variants of the ranger and riot outfits in New Vegas.

NCR Ranger


  • The NCR Ranger outfit can be found at the NCR Ranger Safehouse with a high enough NCR reputation.
  • Can be looted from deceased NCR Ranger troopers, either those at NCR-controlled camps such as Camp Golf or the various Ranger Stations or those in the NCR hit squads.
  • In Lonesome Road DLC, NCR troopers can be found wearing this armor in Long 15.

Desert Ranger


  • In Honest Hearts DLC, the Desert Ranger outfit is located in the Sorrow’s camp at the Stone Bones Cave in Zion Valley. Within the cave, the outfit will be next to a computer terminal on a raised platform.

Riot Gear


  • In Lonesome Road DLC can be found at commissary terminals in The Divide.
  • Behind a locked door (Lockpick 50) at Ashton Missile Silo.
  • Two can be found in the footlocker and normal locker (Lockpick 100) at Hopeville Armoury.

Advanced Riot Gear


  • In Lonesome Road DLC, the outfit can be found at The Crow’s Nest on a NCR riot officer.

Elite Riot Gear


  • In Lonesome Road DLC, the outfit can be found on the second floor of the Third Street Municipal Building NCR riot officer. Use the sewer pipe to reach the second level.

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