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How to Get the Ring of the Bloody Dawn in New World

Ring of the Bloody Dawn is one of the must-have rings for healers in New World. If you’re one of the players who love playing the role of a support, then you have to make sure that you own the Ring of the Bloody Dawn. Below is the guide on how you can obtain this ring in New World.

How to Get the Ring of the Bloody Dawn

The ring drops in Elite Zone called Eridanus, which is located in the Restless Shore area just north of the settlement.

We recommend being at least level 41 before making your way to the area as the enemy spawns are around level 46. In addition, the ring requires level 40 to wear and it will only start dropping if you’re at level 41 and above.

Apart from the level requirement, you also need to have at least level 100 woodcutting in order to get to the elite boss that drops the ring. This is because you need to cut down the trees that are blocking the way to the boss.

The name of the elite boss that is dropping the ring is called Parthenocissus, which is located at the very back of the elite area in the last square room.

Parthenocissus is weak against slash and fire damage. This means that you have to equip weapons like swords, hatches, great axes, and fire damage are the best choice if you face Parthenocissus. Make sure to bring a tank and a healer with you if to plan to grind in the area for a long time since there are lots of elite mobs that are great for weapon and level experience.

And that’s all you need to know on how to get the ring. Just like any other item in New World, the ring will not drop immediately after the defeat of the boss. You may have to defeat him many times before obtaining the ring. In our case, we manage to obtain the right after killing the elite boss three times.

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