How to Get Stray Worker Jacket and Helmet in Midtown

This guide will show you how to get the worker jacket and worker helmet in Midtown, as they are needed for you to progress in the game.

Talk to Blazer

This will eventually become available after you speak with Clementine. The first thing you need to do is talk to Blazer located at the factory. He will tell you about the place and the battery. Shorty, he will ask you to find him some worker jacket and worker helmet.

Wake Up the Sleeping Worker

From there, you need to go to the bar and wake up the sleeping worker. You can wake him up by pushing the case of beer toward the sleeping worker. This will wake up the worker and will force him to return to his colleague.

Destroy the Cameras

He will be moving really slow, so it may take a while until he reaches his colleague. While waiting for him, go back to Clementine’s place and speak to Simon.

He will ask you to destroy the three security cameras for him. To destroy the cameras, all you need to do is jump over them. It will eventually fall down.

Steal the Worker Jacket

After destroying all the cameras, go back to Simon and he will give you the cassette tape. Now that you already have the cassette tape, you need to go to the back room of the store and insert the tape into the cassette player.

The music coming from the cassette player will trigger the man watching the store. Go back to the front store and wait until the man leaves his place. As soon as he leaves, you can now safely steal the worker jacket.

Steal the Worker Hat

After taking the worker jacket, go back to the location of the two workers and get inside the box. The guy that you woke up earlier will exit the building and pick up the box and take you inside the store.

Just right after he dropped the box, you can leave the box and go in front of the store where you can see the worker’s helmet. You actually don’t need to worry about the worker who carried the box as it seems that he doesn’t care about you at all. In fact, you can even steal the worker’s hat in front of him.

After taking the hat, don’t exit the front door of the store as the guard will spot and chase you. Use the exit on the left side of the store.

Get Inside the Neco Corp

Now that you have the worker jacket and worker hat, you need to go back to where you started. Speak with Blazer again and give the things that you have stolen.

Blazer will get dressed and he now take you inside the Neco Corp. You need to enter the box on the floor and wait until Blazer carries you inside.

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