How to Get the Good Ending in Nott Longa

To experience the good ending in Nòtt Lönga you need to help every ghost in the game. This guide will take you through all the quests you will be given throughout the game.

The Miner

You need to give the miner his smoking pipe back. You can find the item to the right and a bit down from the NPC.

He will grant you the Old Key, which you can use on the gate upwards from him. This will allow you to move on to the main area of the game.

Unknown Entity

To the left from where you entered you will encounter the disappearing wall. You need to interact with it in order to see the code.

You need to exit the game and input this code in the main menu(I strongly recommend saving the game at one of the eyes of Nòtt Lönga before quitting!). This will grant you the Unknown Entity, which you need to give to the worm-looking creature at the top of this area.

The worm will then grant you the Red Button, which you will need to finish the game later.

500 Lire and a Bottle of Wine

To the right from the worm you will stumble onto a wine dealer. Unfortunately, you cannot afford any of his offers, as you have no money.

Thankfully, if you go a bit further to the right, you will encounter 3 ladies, and the rightmost one will give you 500 Lire for free! Just enough to get yourself a wine of your choice (it does not matter which one you pick).

The Fire

You need to simply keep interacting with the fire, until it stops next to some other people and the arcade machine. (Pictured are the starting location, and the last location of the fire).


Above the fire you will find a girl who wants you to bring back the fireflies.

To bring them back, you need to go upwards, and to the right.

Then, you need to turn off four flickering lamp posts.

After you do that, the fireflies will make their way to where the fire is located. Talk to the girl again to finish the quest. She will give you a scapular.

The Old Lady’s Scapular

Make your way over to where you got the 500 Lire and give the leftmost lady her scapular back.

The Amnesiac

To the far right of where the fire is located, you will find a small ghost dressed in black. They have forgotten everything about their past and you need to help them remember. You need to talk to them and offer to help them.

First, make your way up to the tree, where the ghost will talk about some of their memories.

Secondly, make your way to any functional lamp post.

Thirdly, find one of these strange, small bug creatures.

Then, make your way to the upper left of the map, where the ghost will talk about the buildings.

Next, make your way to the left of where the fire is located, where you will find the garden. The ghost will now regain most of their memories.

You will know that you have followed all these steps once you get this message.

Lastly, keep walking to the left, where you will stumble upon a huge tree that the ghost recognises.

The Oxen’s Caveja

Make your way over to where the fireflies originally resided. Pick up the Caveja.

Next, go to the far left, starting from where the fire is located. After a while you will stumble upon the oxen. Give them their Caveja back.

Now, you can go to the graveyard.

The Graveyard and Drunken Death

Walk to the middle of the graveyard – you should encounter death (a white skeleton) there. Give him the wine you bought earlier on.

Afterwards, you should grab the flower, which will also give you the yellow button.

Then, talk to death again.

The Scarecrow and The Summer Tile

On the left side of the graveyard you will encounter a fallen scarecrow.

Help him up and he will give you a summer tile.

The Unlit Candle and The Midnight Gate

Go right and a bit up from the scarecrow. You should see a skull on the ground.

The midnight gate is located at the top right of the graveyard.
To enter it, set your computer’s clock to 00:00. Note that you will need to interact with the paper on the wall before you can enter!

Inside, you will find the ghost toy.

The Bartender’s Mahjong

Make your way over to the bartender back in the main area. A Mahjong game is laid out on the table that he is looking at. Insert the summer tile there.

Make sure to talk to drunken death and the bartender afterwards.

The Smoking Alien

At the top of this area, near where you originally entered it, stand a large UFO and an alien. He will ask you for anything that he could light his cigarette with.

To help him, you need to make your way over the the fire and light the unlit candle with it.

Then make your way back to the alien and help with fuelling his addiction. He will give you a compass for your troubles.

The Slaughterhouse quest

This is singlehandedly the longest and hardest quest in this whole game, so without further ado, let’s get started.

First, make your way over to the garden that you’ve been to with the amnesiac earlier on. You need to pick up the watermelon here.

Then, go to the man with a lamp, located next to the 3 ladies, and give him the watermelon. He will give you the little lamb in exchange.

Now, you need to make your way over to the slaughterhouse at the top right of the area. You will have to solve two riddles there, and then insert the little lamb to the fourth one.

You can now enter the slaughterhouse. Within there you will find three items: the nose plier, the doll, and the blue button. However, you will be chased by the nightmare. You need to follow this exact path to acquire all 3 items and make it out of there alive.

After you make it through this section, you should have the nose plier, the doll, and the blue button.

The Third Lady’s Tools

Make your way over to the three ladies and give the top one her nose plier back.

She will award you with a Cappelletti. You can eat it to get the “Cappelletti” achievement.

The Puppet Kid

Above where the fire is you will find a child who lost their four dolls.

You should already have half of them: the doll from the slaughterhouse, and the ghost toy from the midnight gate in the graveyard.

Now, you need to get the remaining two. The marionette is located near the miner’s smoking pipe, in the first area.

And the puppet is located next to Borda(the huge white figure sticking out of the water) in the lower docks.

Now that you have all of them, return them to their rightful owner.

The Final Step

Save your game at one of the eyes of Nòtt Lönga in case you will need to reload it.

Then, make your way to where the fire is located. To the right, you will see an arcade machine.

You need to insert all three of the buttons you have found there.

Lastly, insert the coin to finish the game and get the good ending!

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