How to Get the Lawnmower in LEGO 2K Drive

LEGO 2K Drive offers a wide array of unconventional features and vehicles. One notable feature is the ability to construct personalized vehicles in the Garage. Additionally, players have the opportunity to experience driving a lawnmower within the game.

Nevertheless, this lawnmower is not your typical garden variety. Dubbed as the Weed Chopper 5000, it bears more resemblance to a compact tractor equipped with blades rather than a traditional lawnmower.

Curious about obtaining this unique vehicle? The following guide will provide you with the necessary steps.

How to Get the Weed Chopper 5000

The Weed Chopper 5000 derives its name from its primary function, which is to effectively eliminate weed patches on the ground. Although its main purpose is not centered around racing, it does contribute to smoother race experiences.

Within the game, certain areas are occupied by unsightly weeds. Traversing through these weed-infested patches naturally hampers your speed. However, it is important to note that weeds cannot be mowed down during an ongoing race.

To tackle this issue, the Weed Chopper 5000 proves to be invaluable. It allows players to proactively clear the weed patches prior to the commencement of a race, ensuring a weed-free track for optimal performance.

To acquire the Weed Chopper 5000, players need to complete a side quest known as Weed Wrangling. The initial step involves navigating to a designated location indicated on the in-game map.

Upon arrival, you will encounter an extraterrestrial character named Mr. Green. Engage in conversation with him, and he will task you with the objective of eliminating nearby weed patches. As a gesture of assistance, Mr. Green will provide you with his own lawnmower.

To complete the quest, simply utilize the lawnmower to clear the designated weed patches. Once this task is accomplished, return to Mr. Green and inform him of your success. In return, he will reward you with the coveted Weed Chopper 5000.

To employ the vehicle, access your loadout menu and select the Off-road vehicles category. Locate the Weed Chopper 5000 within the options and equip it for immediate use.

Now equipped with the lawnmower, you can effortlessly mow down weed patches on the ground just before commencing races. This practical approach significantly enhances the smoothness of any race held in that particular area.

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