Baldur's Gate 3

How to Get the Noblestalk from the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3

This heavily edited draft of a book discusses the step-by-step instructions on how to acquire Noblestalk from the Underdark in GREAT detail.

How to Get the Noblestalk from the Underdark


  • ACT 1


  • Underdark


  • Underdark – Myconid Colony


Find the Mushroom Picker

  • Quest Start: Derryth Bonecloak
  • Quest Goal: Find Baelen Bonecloak
  • Optional Quest Item: Noblestalk

Step 1: Find your way to the Bibberbang field

It is located in the Underdark, close to the Myconid Colony. Traverse through the Myconid Colony and leave via the exit next to Derryth Bonecloak and turn right.

Bibberbang is susceptible to fire and explodes when an entity gets to close proximity.

You can either jump across or set ablaze these Bibberbangs shown above to reach the vines that leads to the Bibberbang field on your right.

Step 2: Talk to Baelen Bonecloak

Once you reach close enough to the outskirts of the Bibberbang field, a dialogue will trigger between your character and Baelen Bonecloak.

You need to pass a Nature Check to learn more about Bibberbang.

After the dialogue, it is highly recommended to split up your party using default key for Group Mode (G) and select a character with highest Strength (STR) value for jumping and moving distance. Origin characters such as Lae’zel or Karlach would be ideal.

Optional Equipment:

Step 3: Jump, Jump, Jump

Once you selected a character, toggle light source (i.e. Torch) if you have one and find the first ledge to jump onto, located to the left of the outskirts of the Bibberbang field.

On the second ledge, you can jump into the field to progress related quest Find the Mushroom Picker.

Once you jump into the Bibberbang field next to Baelen Bonecloak, you have a very brief second to toggle turn-based mode using default key Enter Turn-Based Mode (Shift+Space) or click on the hourglass icon located in the lower right HUD.

During turn-based mode, pick up the torch and then turn around, RMB select Baelen’s Pack to throw it next to him. Do not throw the backpack directly onto Baelen Bonecloak as the NPC may receive fall damage and die.

After completed above, use jump as your character’s action to jump back onto second ledge and then toggle to exit turn-based mode.

Step 4: Press On

On the fifth and last ledge, you will find a skeleton that holds an Explorer’s Ring and a Dagger as loots.

By the end of the same ledge, you should be able to see Noblestalk right below, may need to rotate the camera angle around.

See the next step on how to acquire Noblestalk safely.

Step 5: Quick hand

This step also requires you to react quickly because there’s only up to a second to toggle turn-based mode using default key Enter Turn-Based Mode (Shift+Space) or click on the hourglass icon located in the lower right HUD.

Find a safespot to jump down to, once you’re down in the Bibberbang field, quickly switch to turn-based mode, then you can safely extract the elusive Noblestalk.

After acquiring Noblestalk, jump back onto fifth ledge and exit the turn-based mode. Now retrace your steps back to the first ledge by jumping across ledges.

Final Thoughts

Baelen Bonecloak will be waiting at the entrance by the outskirts of Bibberbang field. Start a dialogue with him to accept his thanks and regroup with him back in the Myconid Colony by talking to Derryth Bonecloak – here you can decided whether or not to produce Noblestalk for them.

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