How to Get the “Only The Finest” Achievement in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

To complete the “Only the Finest” achievement in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, follow these steps:

Getting Full Course Meal Recipes

  • Talk to people in the cities, such as West City or Satan City, near the vendors. Look out for speech bubbles indicating conversations about recipes.
  • Engage in conversation with those discussing recipes, as they may occasionally provide you with a new recipe for a full-course meal.

Obtain 5 Different Full Course Meals

  • Visit Goku’s House and speak to Chi Chi. Ask her to create 5 different full-course meals for you. Ensure that each meal is unique to count towards the achievement.

Acquire Ingredients for Full Course Meals

  • Purchase ingredients from food vendors in the cities.
  • Explore the game’s map and collect ingredients like apples, meat, and fish. Each area typically has food items specific to that location. Look out for special items like golden fish or meat.
  • Utilize the “make a dish” ladies located near the food vendors or outside Capsule Corporation (where Bulma has her food station) to create your own food items using the collected ingredients.

Congrats! You have successfully obtained the achievement!

Only the Finest
Make 5 full-course meals.

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