Wobbly Life

How to Get the Super Jelly Suit in Wobbly Life

This is a quick and short guide to how to unlock the Super Jelly Suit in the game Wobbly Life. Hope this helps!

Step 1

Go to the Clothing Store on the Second Island/ City Island/ Middle Island, (The store is right next to W TV) Next you wanna buy the Monacle + Mustache + Bowler Hat Head wear, then go to a Closet (It doesn’t matter Which one and Where it is) And equip your new clothes, Then go to Shirts and equip the jelly Shirt you get for Completing the Jelly Delivery Job, Now, You may notice that you look like the Jelly Man, that’s cause he has a door in his basement that will only unlock from HIS face due to a scanner.

Step 2

Go to the Detective/ Treasure hunting store on the Middle Island/ City Island/ Middle Island, And go to the guy on the Left and buy a Medal-Detector, Then go behind the Jelly Man’s house and you’ll see an X on the ground, Use the Medal-detector to dig it up, You will find a chest, which will drop a Jelly Key, use this key on the door inside the Jelly Man’s.

Step 3

Go into the basement you just unlocked and you’ll see the Jelly Man, and he’ll talk about a jelly car, (Do not worry about the Jelly Car that is a different Side-Quest) Next you wanna go to the right of him and you’ll see a green Jelly, Go around it and You’ll see a door with cameras on the two top corners of the door, Step on the pad and interact with the Scanner on the wall, the cameras will scan you, But because you look like the Jelly Man they will let you through, Go in the door an you will see a Jelly Suit in a capsule, Interact with it and BOOM, you just Unlocked the Super Jelly Suit!

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