How to Get the True Ending in BlazBlue Entropy Effect

All requirements on how to unlock the happy / true ending for BlazBlue. It doesn’t talk about other paths.

Introduction and Base Requirements

Hopefully this will help players reach the ending. I’ve done my best to keep spoilers to a minimum, but there might be a few tidbits in there. PROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Once you’ve crossed the final mind upload (Mind Upload VI), you won’t be able to fulfil ending requirements any further. I recommend completing the main game up to the training objective “Last Words” and waiting there until you’ve fulfilled all the requirements.

Some base requirements for the true ending:

  • Must have completed all of Marvin’s storyline and told him the truth. Lying to him will cause a bad end!
  • Must complete all of the available callbacks on the “Voicemail” menu with Melin.
  • Must have fully completed all of CAM’s storyline, including his secret dialogue.
  • Must have fully unlocked and viewed every single Phenomena and found out the truth about ACE.

Marvin’s Storyline

Marvin is the poor sod you meet on the rooftop pining away about Zoe. Turns out his questline is pivotal to finding out what happened to her.

Here’s the steps to complete it:

  • Talk to Marvin on the rooftop when meeting IO for the first time.
  • Unlock and view the “Recording #1″ phenomena.
  • Go talk to Marvin on the rooftop.
  • Call back Meilin using “Mind Upload 1” voicemail.
  • Unlock and view the “Overdrive” phenomena
  • Get a call back from the guide about Zoe.
  • Unlock and view the “Death” phenomena
  • Talk to Marvin. Tell him the truth.
  • Unlock and view the “Recording #2” phenomena

Special Note – Mind Upload IV

When you reach this section of the game, you will be forced to give up Stan or Melin (your guide). DO NOT GIVE UP MELIN, THIS WILL GO TO A BAD END.

CAM’s Storyline

  • Meet CAM on the rooftop for the first time.
  • Obtain and view the “Homecoming” phenomena.
  • Talk to CAM on the rooftop.
  • View the “Stronger Humans” phenomena. After this, a new entry in the INFO section called “SkysEyes Research” will be available and will direct you to go find CAM.
  • Go talk to CAM.
  • Unlock the “Separate Ways” and “Disagreement” phenomena. On my playthrough, I got them together but you might find them separately. This is OK.
  • Go talk to CAM.
  • Talk to the cleaning robot.
  • Go talk to CAM.
  • Unlock and view the Another Identity and First Conversation phenomena together (as in, view them one right after the other without exiting the phenomena screen). It is crucial you don’t view them separately, this will cause you to go towards a bad ending!
  • Go talk to CAM for the secret conversation.


  • Complete all of the requirements above.
  • Go talk to IO for final upload.
  • Talk to the orb.
  • Talk to Melin via the call.
  • Talk to Mass.
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