How to Get the True Ending in Sea of Stars

Here’s a walkthrough on how to get the game’s true ending.

How to Get the True Ending

To begin, you must complete the game once. Afterward, you will encounter a scene in which a segment of a monolith illuminates in the Moorlands.

To activate the remaining seven segments and advance toward the True Ending path, you should follow these steps:

  • Defeat the secret boss in the hidden Docarri Sunken Ruins. You must collect all three shards from three separate sunken Docarri ruins.
  • Complete the Dweller’s Fall Arena challenges in the town of Brisk.
  • Defeat the secret boss in the Cerulean Expanse. To access the secret area, you should gather pro tips from one of Teaks’ stories.
  • Free Duke Aventry in the Flooded Graveyard by opening Romaya’s secret passage on an island north of Wraith Island.
  • Successfully complete all five Solstice Shrine puzzle trials. Then, head to Mountain Pass and enter the newly opened Solstice Gate portal.
  • Locate all Rainbow Conches on both world maps.

After completing all of those tasks, proceed to the final boss area and engage in the battle with the ultimate adversary. Additionally, you will unlock a special quest related to the Golden Pelican and fishing. We recommend that you invest some time in completing this quest before confronting the final boss.

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