How to Get the Worker Jacket in Stray

In order to enter the Neco Corp, you need someone to bring you inside. Thankfully, Blazer is there to help you, but you need to give him something before he can take you inside. These are the worker jacket and worker helmet.

I’m assuming that you have already obtained the worker’s helmet. But in case you’re still yet to get it, check out our guide on how to get the worker helmet in Stray.

How to Get the Worker Jacket

The worker jacket can be seen in plain sight as it was being displayed in the front store. However, there’s someone guarding the store, preventing you from stealing it. You need to lure him out of his place before you can steal the jacket.

First, you need to speak with Simon. He will ask you to destroy the cameras around the area.

There are a total of three cameras that you need to destroy. You can easily destroy each one of them by simply stepping on the cameras. It will eventually fall after you step on it.

After you destroy the three cameras, speak with Simon again. He will give you the cassette tape as a reward.

Once you have obtained the cassette tape, go back to the store where you see the worker jacket. Go to the back room and you’ll see the cassette player. All you have to do is insert the cassette tape that you obtained from Simon into the player.

The loud music will start playing, and the man watching the store will leave his place. Once he leaves the area, you’re now free to steal the worker jacket.

After obtaining the worker jacket and worker helmet, head back to Blazer and give him the worker jacket and worker helmet.

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