How to Get Unlimited Actions in Volcano Princess

Secure your path to victory by obtaining infinite action points through in-game mechanics. No cheating allowed!

One Trick Pony

Firstly, it is recommended to complete your initial playthrough in a conventional manner. You will have superior stats on subsequent playthroughs, making it simpler and quicker to accomplish this goal.

Prep Work

To accomplish this goal, it is essential to invest in perks related to farming and cooking, all of them. Additionally, you may want to enhance the likelihood of receiving double tips in the bathhouse. Although not mandatory, it is recommended to ensure a marginal surplus.

Furthermore, you will need to allocate a substantial amount of your energy in the early stages to work at the bathhouse to access the higher paying jobs. It is crucial to have one of the better jobs available without darkness since we will be performing these tasks numerous times (possibly hundreds of darkness).

This process requires a significant investment of perks, which is why it is advisable to avoid attempting it during the first playthrough.

Set Up

The viability of this strategy is greatly enhanced by days when shop items are discounted by 20%, or when the bathhouse offers double salary (which does not impact bonuses). Double salary is undoubtedly preferable, although you may encounter difficulties with the shop discount if you do not have the double tips perk.

On one of these days, such as a double pay day, it is recommended to utilize your energy to earn money, take some rest, and then continue to accumulate more cash. Following this, purchase as much fertiliser as possible.

Off We Go

Proceed to the farm immediately and plant only wheat seeds. Use fertilisers repeatedly to ensure instant farming. Repeat this process until all fertilisers are used up. Then, batch cook all the bread.

What should be done with all this bread? First, consume it and then return to the bathhouse and utilise all of the bread (7 at a time) to continue working.

At this point, we have established a self-sustaining loop consisting of…

  1. Work
  2. Buy
  3. Farm
  4. Cook

During the initial couple of loops, it is recommended to focus solely on acquiring cash to improve your cash flow.

Following that, you may begin to allocate bread for other purposes. Aim to earn £10k on double pay or £8k on discount, then utilize any remaining bread for other endeavors. This will necessitate numerous loops, so it is necessary to be patient.

What can I do and What can I not do?

Any task that is not repeatable is obviously a no go. The following tasks can only be performed once per day (sad face)…

  • Adventuring/Fighting.
  • Acting in the Theatre.
  • Watching in the Theatre.
  • Confessing in Church (reduces darkness).
  • Horse Racing/Prancing.

Here are some repeatable tasks that can be spammed (happy face)…

  • Banquet – Source of infinite Fame to blast through classes.
  • Buying Stuff – Buy all the outfits, all the weapons, complete all alchemy, buy all the brushes for super horses.
  • Max your stats – Str, Int, Emo, Img can all be spammed.
  • Daughter’s Respect – You would not believe how many points you need for this but you can spam the “roleplay” action to gain 3 emotion per 2 action points and I don’t see how anyone else can max this on a normal playthrough. Also boosts a stat.
  • Acquiring Horses – Get all your horses in one day.
  • Back Alley Brawling – Hunt down those criminals.
  • Completing Classes – You need Fame which you can spam from the Banquet.
  • Buying Special Classes – Purchased from your daughter’s bedroom. These give +5 to one of your stats when complete but more importantly also provide you with essential perks like new attacks or even…discount on fame cost of classes. The synergy people. THE SYNERGY.
  • Hanging Out – Can only be done 3x per day but don’t forget this does cost 2 action points each.
  • Gift Materials – Done with cash? Switch to farming flowers with the occasional carrot/plum/rare flower to give all the best gifts to everyone. There is a flower for almost everyone and for those there aren’t then there’s carrot gnochi. The purple flower gives the max emotion from any character so use that if you can’t figure someone out.

Additional Info

Every purchase from the Arms shop will provide the shopkeep with +1 emotion. He will love you more than he loves talking to swords. We are talking THOUSANDS of love from this guy compared to a measly 100 or 200 from everyone else.

Maxing out your stats is important since it lets you complete classes with fewer lessons. This maximizes your fame-spamming more efficiently but also your end-of-day lessons as well. If you don’t already know this you should only learn special classes at the end of the day since you can’t spam those in church. You get stat boost multipliers for completing achievements which means your multiplier is going to be huge on this day if you do some of the other options first. I was gaining 72 Str, Int, Emo, and Img per 3 energy.

Even when you have decided to stop. Always keep like £10k cash left over just in case. Sometimes the double pay event lasts more than a day which is good if you still need it.

Last but not least is the excessive weight gain from eating hundreds of processed meals in a single day and the inevitable type 2 diabetes diagnosis that comes with it. RIP beloved child.

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