How to Get Unlimited Tickets and Money in The Coin Game

In this guide, I will discuss two exploits that allow for infinite money and tickets in the game. It is important to note that both of these exploits have already been reported to the developer, so they are likely to be patched in the future.

Both exploits can be performed in survival mode and can be replicated as many times as desired.

Please be aware that memory editing tools such as Squalr, Cheat-O-Matic, and Cheat Engine are not covered in this guide.

Exploit 1: Infinite Tickets

  1. Head to the Islandville Mall and pick up any random item from the trash. For example, you can use an empty cola can or any other item that you can pick up, drop, and move around.
  2. Approach the leftmost UFO Catcher machine. Drop the cola can into the machine and then hold the left mouse button to drag it through the prize slot. Continue dragging it up onto the shelf and use it to knock the box of tickets down to the bottom of the machine.
  3. After a few seconds, another box of tickets will spawn. Repeat this process as desired. Alternatively, you can drag the cola can over the dividing wall between the two machines into the right-hand machine, which should now have two boxes of tickets.

Please note that this trick may not work on all machines. Some machines may remove any object you insert into them, while others may have their own collision system and not react to foreign objects. However, the UFO Catcher machine is susceptible to this exploit.

Exploit 2: Infinite Money

  1. Locate any boards around town that display the items in demand at Barry’s Pawn. Obtain one of the items listed (you can use the infinite tickets glitch mentioned above if you need more tickets).
  2. Take the item to Barry’s Pawn and place it on the conveyor. Notice that the price is double the normal value. However, do not press the sell button at this point.
  3. Instead, leave the item on the conveyor and exit the building. Turn around and reenter the building. You will observe that the price of the item has doubled again. Repeat this process by leaving and reentering to further increase the price.

Please be aware that there is a maximum limit to the amount of money you can obtain using this method, which seems to be around $70,000 per item. When the item’s value exceeds $20,000, press the sell button and wait for Barry to pay you in $100 bills. Collect the money as it is dispensed, as a large backlog of notes may sometimes glitch out of the world.

You can repeat this process if you have more high-demand items.

What to Do with Your Money

To utilize your newfound wealth effectively, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the supermarket and purchase a 6-pack of cola and 6 boxes of bandages.
  2. Whenever your energy is low, consume a can of cola to replenish it.
  3. Whenever your health is low, use a box of bandages. Note the animation that plays when using bandages.
  4. With your energy and health taken care of, you are free to engage in various activities, replenishing your tickets and money whenever needed.

Just remember to return home before it gets dark, as failing to do so will result in your survival run ending in a grounding.

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