Cult of the Lamb

How to Have 666 Gold Coins in Cult of the Lamb

Ways to earn coins for the 666 steam achievement include various methods: encouraging follower worship, succeeding in rituals, exploring dungeons for treasures, selling gathered resources, completing achievements, upgrading and selling items, sacrificing followers for coins (with caution), benefiting from random events, engaging in transactions with shopkeepers, and completing quests for coin rewards. Balancing these activities is key to progressing in the game.

Gain Coins Within The cult

Earning coins is crucial, especially towards the end of the game when you might need to purchase followers, seeds, tarot cards, or even other achievements. While this achievement is fairly straightforward, you might find yourself pondering strategies to accelerate coin acquisition if it seems to be progressing at a slower pace.

The achievement simply requires you to accumulate 666 coins, offering minimal information beyond that. With limited guidance, you can amass coins within your cult using a variety of different methods.

Ensure that you have essential elements like the temple and offering statues in place. Followers can contribute donations either directly into the shrine’s box or at the designated offering statues.

I have two offering statues right outside the temple and one where the followers sleep.

There are a few rituals available to boost your coin count, such as the ritual of enrichment or appointing a tax enforcer. While both methods yield coins, they come at the cost of followers losing faith.

Another method for acquiring gold is by concentrating it from nuggets. During dungeon runs, you typically come across these nuggets. Once acquired, you can use a refinery to process them, yielding five golds at a time. It takes seven gold nuggets to produce five coins.

There isn’t anything else you can do with Gold nuggets!

Occasionally, followers may contribute gold nuggets as donations.

Once you defeat Leshy, the One Who Waits becomes dissatisfied you neglect to make offerings. In response, he places a chest in the middle of your cult where you can sell items to him. It’s worth noting that the more you sell a particular item, the less value it holds for the One Who Waits.

Hence, if you find yourself with surplus resources, like an excess of tuna fish, selling them repeatedly initially yields a higher value, such as 3 coins per fish. However, over time, the value diminishes, and now it provides only 1 coin per fish.

Once you’ve fully upgraded everything on the devotion tree and haven’t defeated the One Who Waits, your followers’ worship transforms into coins instead of devotion. It’s important to note that this feature is lost once you defeat the One Who Waits, and you receive god tears instead of coins.

Gain Coins on Crusade

Plenty of coins can be found while engaging in battles against the heretics of the Old Faith. When all other avenues have been explored and the need for money persists, traditional dungeon crawling remains a reliable method to acquire gold. The most lucrative gains come from successful crusades, but it’s worth noting that dying and being resurrected during a crusade results in a thirty percent loss of loot from the run.

after you defeat the one who waits, Midas will steal alot of your coins at some point

Other Locations

Other locations also offer opportunities to earn gold, such as gambling at Knuckle Bones. However, it’s crucial to hone your skills before placing high bets to ensure a successful outcome.

Another place where you can obtain gold is the Midas Cave. However, be aware that after making an offering, it can take up to three days before you’re able to claim the gold. Keep in mind that this method can be more of a gamble, and there’s a possibility of losing money in the process.

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