How to Install Flowers Blooming at the End of Summer English Translation

An unofficial English translation for ‘Flowers Blooming at the End of Summer’ game.


It has been almost 3 years ‘Flowers Blooming at the End of Summer’ was released. I was so impressed by the directing, the illustrations, and the scenario. I searched this game in English on Google several times, and I found that users wanting a translation of this game, so I tried to make one. And here we are.

How to apply translation

First, download the translation file from this Google Drive.

Second, browse the game’s local file:

  1. Right click ‘Flowers Blooming at the End of Summer’, click Manage – Browse local files
  2. Open ‘’
  3. Drag the ‘game’ folder in the .zip to the local folder that opens. If you have done it successfully, you could see a new file named ‘options.rpy’ in the ‘game’ folder.

Third, enjoy the game!


Because this is my first time trying to translate a game and trying to use Ren’Py, there might be typos or errors in the game. If found, please contact @ddockson on Discord. Feel free to add friend, and please send me the part where an error occurs with a screenshot.

Also, since my first language isn’t English, I had problems translating. Especially, I could finish redesigning the UIs and videos, but couldn’t even start translating the scripts. Thankfully, I could find a script translated by codeforker, using Bing AI and GPT-4 and GalTransl (You can check the repository at here). However, while reading the translated scripts, I could find some sentences that were translated a bit awkward, so I changed the scripts to be a bit more accurate. I also searched for some natural phrases that are used in real life. If it were not for codeforker, I couldn’t have finished making this translation. Thank you!!

Last but not least, I would like to thank MidnightWorks for allowing me to make an unofficial English translation for ‘Flowers Blooming at the End of Summer’. It was a great and fun experience trying to translate the UIs and fixing the translations. I hope people who can use English can play this visual novel in the future!! 😀

– Fix List –
1.0: Released!
1.1: Fixed some long sentences crossing the chat box, added subtitles when the dialogues of the voice appears in video at Chapter 5 and Chapter 7.

This guide about Flowers Blooming at the End of Summer was written by DDockson. You can visit the original publication from this link. If you have any concerns about this guide, please don't hesitate to reach us here.

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