How to Install Mods in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2

This guide will show you how to install mods and a few other things

Part 0: Some Things Before We Start

Disclaimer: If you get get a virus or something its not my fault. Be careful out there.

Also very important

DO NOT USE MODS ONLINE FFS, NO ONE LIKES CHEATERS. You can use them with your friends online but that is outside the scope of this guide.

Part 1: Disabling the Anti-Cheat

Before we can begin installing mods we will need to get the game ready for mods.

We will need to disable the Easy Anti-Cheat (Doing this will prevent you from using online features, you have been warned!)

First you need to go into where ever the game has been installed (this can be done by clicking the gear icon on the right of the game screen on steam and going into Manage and then ‘Browse local files’)

Then going into folder ‘EasyAntiCheat’

And find the file EasyAntiCheat_x64.dll

Now all you have to do is to ether rename it or move it out of the EasyAntiCheat folder (dont delete just in case you need it)

And now Easy Anti-Cheat should be disabled!

Part 2: Eternity Tools

Eternity Tools are the key to modding Xenoverse 2

First you will need to download Eternity Tools from here.

Move it into a folder (any folder) and unzip it using WinRAR.
You should see something like this

Dont get scared! you just need 2 files, and

Part 2.1: Getting XV2 Patcher set up
First unzip and you should see something like this

Drag both XV2PATCHER and bin into the DB Xenoverse 2 folder

This is what i should look like before:

And what i should look like after:

Now you may be wondering what is — alternative dll — and [Optional] XV2Patcher UI Extensions

Well — alternative dll — is for when you have gamepad issues and [Optional] XV2Patcher UI Extensions is for Optional things like controlling CPU allies. I explain it more further down the guide in Part 5.1 and part 5.2

Part 2.2: Getting the XV2 Installer setup
Unzip into any folder and you should see this

All you will need is xv2ins.exe all the other stuff is for modders so unless you want to get into making mods you wont need them

Open xv2ins.exe and you should see this

What it needs is DBXV2.exe (NOT START.exe)

DBXV2.exe is located in the bin folder

Once you have selected DBXV2.exe click open and then after a few seconds you should see this

Congratulations! Xenoverse 2 is now mod ready! All you have to do now is install some mods.

You can see how to do that further down at Part 3 of this guide

Part 3: Getting and installing Mods

Before we can install mods we will need to download them.

I use for mods but you can get them from anywhere (might not be the safest thing to do tho)

I will be using Milk Man’s Playable Cell Max mod as a example

I suggest downloading one mod for now to make sure everything is working.

Once you have downloaded a mode you should see a file called [mod name].x2m or a zip file with extra files usually you shouldn’t need to use the other files but if you do there should be a text file to tell you what to do

For the Playable Cell Max mod it is just a .x2m so it will be simple

Open xv2ins.exe if you dont already have it open and click this icon

Now all you have to do is find your mod and open it

The Mods have to be installed into “slots” (and may come with extra things to install into other slots) for now you can just click “install to new slot(s)”

Now your mod should show up

From here you can close the XV2 Mod Installer to open the game DO NOT open it through steam and DONT open it with START.exe ether. You must go into the bin folder and start it from DBXV2.exe instead.

And now if you have done everything correctly your mod should show up!

You are now ready to mod Xenoverse 2!

Part 4: Save Editor

The Xenoverse 2 Save Editor is for Editing your save (Duh) you can get a million TP metals or unlock anything! Its very useful

Disclaimer: DO NOT USE ANY ACCOUNT YOU HAVE EDITED ONLINE. No one likes cheaters

Second Disclaimer: BACK UP YOUR SAVE FILE

First download the Xenoverse 2 Save Editor from here

Once you have unziped it into a folder open Xenoverse 2 Save Editor.exe
It will prompt you for the game location
Find the DB Xenoverse 2 folder and click ‘select folder’
You should now see this

Next click ‘file’ in the top left corner and then click ‘open’

Now you will have to find your DBXV2.sav file

It is located in were ever steam was installed then you go into userdata\[your user ID]\323470\remote\DBXV21

Your save file should be there

Now you should see something like this

As you may notice i have way to many Attribute points

That is because you can cheat every Attribute to max with this

Remember, do not use this Online

You should now be done!

Part 5: Other Things

This part is for other things that dont need their own part

Part 5.1: — alternative dll —
If you are having Gamepad problems this is for youIn the alternative dll you will find a file called ‘dinput8.dll’

Drag dinput8.dll into the bin folder

Then delete xinput1_3.dll (both can not be in the bin folder

This should fix your Gamepad problem(s)

Part 5.2 XV2Patcher UI Extensions
The XV2Patcher UI Extensions allows for these extra features

  • Taking control of cpu allies
  • Hiding the battle interface
  • Dump auto-generated portraits

If you want these all you have to do is merge the Data folder into the games data folder. (done by dragging the Data folder into the DB Xenoverse 2 folder)

Then go into XV2PATCHER folder and open xv2patcher.ini with notepad and set hide_battle_uidump_auto_gen_portrait and take_ally_control to true or what ever you want it to be (hide_battle_ui and dump_auto_gen_portrait should be set to true automatically)

Then you should be done

Part 5.3: Safe Mod Sites

This is a list of sites where you can get mods

Sadly only one for now but if i find anymore i will add them!

Also if you have any you would like to suggest comment below!

Part 6: Conclusion

Xenoverse 2 is a very fun game to mod and mess with.

Good luck with modding Xenoverse 2!

If you have any suggestions for this guide please comment below.

Also if you have issues with this guide please comment below.

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