How to Install Mods in Lethal Company

This guide will show you how to install an application for setting up mods, as well as solving problems when playing the game and an interesting list of mods.


Good afternoon, employees, if you have come to this page, it means you want to have a little fun or make the game more interesting. In this guide I will show you how to set up the game, avoid problems during the process and maintain the ability to play with or without the mod.

Installing and launching the launcher

1) via this link, download the archive in which the launcher is located.

2) after downloading the archive, you only need one file: setup.exe

Click on it and go through the usual installation procedure.

3) then after installation, go to where you installed the launcher and click on this launch file:

4) enter the name of the game in the search engine and select it.

5) create a profile and now we can install mods and there are two modes: modded and vanilla.

Modded launches the game with downloaded mods and vanilla launches the original game. Also, through the launcher you can still invite people through Steam in two modes. The installed tab contains your installed mods in which you can turn them on and off at your discretion.In the Online tab you can view the number of mods you can view and install.


1) If you forgot to make a shortcut and don’t want to go into the folder with the launcher every time and don’t know how to make a shortcut, then right-click on the launch file and find “create shortcut”:

2) If you want to play with a friend, then you must have the same mods installed; if you connect something else and the other one does not have such a mod, then there is a risk that you will not be able to connect to each other.

3) If you have everything configured the same way, but it still gives an error, check whether the mod version matches and click on update, then the error will disappear. The launcher can notify you if you have older versions.

4) I don’t know about others, but if you launch the orig version through Steam, after a while the game may freeze, that is, the game works but you cannot do any actions until the game is released. For this reason, I recommend starting from the launcher

Installing the mods

Let’s look at the example of one popular mod that changes the sound of a loot beetle to yapi (YIPPE to anl).If you find a mod in the launcher, you can simply click on the Download button and the program will install everything itself.if you only found a link, go to this link and download (you will be prompted to open the application, agree and the program will start downloading and installing. And that’s the whole setup. There is a plus in that you don’t have to transfer the mod data to the root of the game yourself and take a long time to sort out what goes where. The launcher itself will do the work for you and will not break the game. This will save not only your time but also your nerves.

Interesting Mods

Visual list

1) Once again I’ll post the Yippee mod so you don’t have to scroll here and there:

2) BadAssCompany offers you an extensive list of emotions that allows you to customize the emotion wheel:

3) There is another mod for emotions, but with less choice:

4) If you want to distinguish your friends, then this mod will allow you a wide selection of costumes at the beginning of the game:

5) Tired of the original hood? This mod replaces it and also shows how much time is left.

6) Springhead isn’t so scary? now he glances in your direction from any angle

7) tired of playing in 1st person? now you can switch to 3rd.


1) Don’t like to fight closely? Tired of running? Stop wasting your last nerve cell with these mods that add a shotgun and ammo. Now in the store you can buy a shotgun for 700 credits and cartridges per piece for 20 credits.

2) Do you want to become rich at the beginning of the game? or become a complete homeless person? This mod allows you to customize the starting amount of credits

3) Come on…..come on…. get scanned damn it, this and that and nothing.

This mod will allow you to scan the found loot in an instant.

4) there is no place for a walkie-talkie and a flashlight? This mod will solve your “global” problem and add a slot for everyone.

5) Do you know if your friend is alive on the radar? Why guess if there is a separate monitor that shows what your friend sees. This mod will ease your mind.
Note. this mod consumes a lot of hardware resources, my fps dropped from 144 to 60-80

6) Thirst for justice? Now mines react not only to you but also to monsters.

7) Now the dog can be killed with a shotgun

8) Do you want your efforts not to be in vain after killing the monster? Now you can sell their bodies. But keep in mind that they are very heavy.

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