How to Instantly Unlock Everything in Tape to Tape

How to edit your save or unlock everything in Play Now mode.

How to Instantly Unlock Everything

Turn off Steam Cloud

Turn off your Steam Cloud syncing to ensure your new save is not overwritten by the old one.

Go To: %localappdata%low\Excellent Rectangle\Tape to Tape\

Go to %localappdata%low\Excellent Rectangle\Tape to Tape\ in Windows.

Copy-pasting that into the address bar should work.

Open profile.es3 in Notepad++ or equivalent

Your profile.es3 file contains all information about what you’ve unlocked in a human-readable format. Changing items from “false” to “true” will unlock them in your game.

You can give yourself infinite rubber by setting “rubber” to whatever value you’re looking for.

The activeItems category determines which artifacts you’ve unlocked, and the elites category determines which players you have.

Simply set all the teams under the playNowTeams category to “true”. You currently don’t buy teams, so the “bought” section doesn’t do anything. Simply set “unlocked” to true for all of them.

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