How to Keep Your Ship and Crew in Lethal Company Safe

How to Keep the Crew and Ship Safe.

Things to Purchase

First, you may consider buying a teleporter. Buying this can help teleport endangered crewmembers back to the ship, at the cost of any items they were holding.

Also buy Walkie Talkies so your team can communicate with you if they need to be teleported or not. If you can’t afford the Walkie Talkies, communicate by doing the classic “2 360s in a row”. If a crewmember does this, it probably means they want to be teleported.

You could consider buying a signal translator as well.

Also consider buying a Inverse Teleporter to get your teammates into the action, at the cost of them having no items with them on the journey.

This means they will have no shovels, no walkie talkies, and no flashlights.

So watch out.

Keeping the Crew Safe

As a Shiprunner/Chairman, you want to keep your teammates well alive. Teleport them away from danger when they signal it.

If you switch the camera onto someone and they aren’t moving, it probably means they are dead.

Unless they are looking at a Coilhead.

But just to be safe, assume they died.

Make sure to teleport people out of harms way when they signal it.

Keeping the Ship Safe

When the outside monsters, such as Eyeless Dogs or Forest Giants start to spawn, you want to make sure you know how to operate the doors of the ship.

Press the red button to close the doors, press the green button to open them.

Pretty simple.

This will keep any monsters out for a limited time, such as Mimics, and the previously mentioned monsters. Or really any monster outside.

Remember, the doors have limited battery. This means they WILL open eventually, so just pray the monsters go away before the doors open.

If they don’t, you’re screwed.

Try and keep any monsters out of the ship for as long as possible.


You have now learnt the art of the Shiprunner/Chairman.

Now go out there and keep your crew safe.

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