How to know if someone has hidden you on Viber?

To know if someone has hidden you on Viber, there are a few indicators to consider. Firstly, if your messages continue to show a single gray tick instead of the usual double blue ticks, it may indicate that you have been hidden.

Additionally, if you are unable to see the person’s online status or their “Last Seen” timestamp, it could be a sign that they have hidden you. Moreover, if you no longer receive any calls or notifications from that person, it may suggest that they have hidden you on Viber.

It is important to note that Viber’s privacy settings can be adjusted by users, so these indicators may not always be accurate.

Key Points:

  • Gray tick instead of double blue ticks indicates possible-hidden status
  • No access to online status or “Last Seen” timestamp could mean hidden
  • Lack of calls or notifications suggests hidden status
  • Privacy settings in Viber can affect accuracy of indicators
  • Indicators are not always reliable due to user-adjustable privacy settings.

Privacy Settings And Options On Viber

When it comes to privacy, Viber understands the importance of protecting your personal information and ensuring secure communication. With a range of privacy settings and options, Viber gives you the power to control who can access your information and who can contact you.

Here are some essential steps to identify if someone has hidden you on Viber:

Firstly, Viber provides end-to-end encryption for 1-on-1 and group chats as well as private Viber calls. This means that your conversations are secure and can only be accessed by you and the person you are communicating with.

This level of encryption ensures that your messages cannot be intercepted or read by anyone else, giving you peace of mind when using Viber.

To further enhance privacy, Viber allows you to adjust and control your privacy settings through the settings menu. You can choose who can add you to group chats, preventing unwanted invitations and ensuring that only trusted contacts can include you in group conversations.

This feature gives you control over who can access your information and participate in group discussions.

If you’re using Viber on your desktop, you can also utilize the Viber-Screen Lock option to keep your chats private. With the ability to set a password, you can ensure that only authorized users can access your conversations.

This added layer of security is particularly useful if you share your computer with others and want to keep your chats confidential.

Ensuring Secure Chats On Viber

In addition to the privacy settings mentioned above, Viber offers features that allow you to maintain the secrecy of your chats. By turning off the ‘Online’ and ‘Seen’ status, you can prevent others from knowing when you are active or have read their messages.

This feature gives you the freedom to browse through your chats without worrying about others monitoring your activity.

For even more privacy, Viber has introduced the Hidden Chats feature. This feature allows you to hide specific chats behind a PIN code, providing an extra layer of security for your confidential conversations.

With the Hidden Chats feature, you can be sure that even if someone gains access to your device, they won’t be able to read your hidden conversations.

Viber goes a step further in protecting your privacy by not asking for personal details in chats and automatically blocking unwanted messages. This means that you can chat freely without worrying about sharing personal information or receiving unsolicited messages.

New Features For Enhanced Privacy On Viber

Viber is continuously working on improving privacy features to ensure your information remains secure. One of the upcoming features is password protection with a 6-digit PIN code.

This additional security measure will require a PIN code to access your Viber account, further safeguarding your private conversations from unauthorized access.

Additionally, Viber offers a spam reporting feature in Communities. If you come across spam messages in group chats or communities, you can report them to have them removed.

This feature helps keep your chats free from unwanted messages and ensures a safe and pleasant experience for all Viber users.

Finally, Viber has introduced the Message Requests Inbox, which filters chat invitations from unsaved contacts. This feature allows you to review and accept or reject chat invitations, giving you control over who can initiate contact with you.

By filtering chat invitations, you can avoid unwanted or unknown contacts and maintain a secure and private environment on Viber.

In conclusion, Viber prioritizes privacy and provides various options for secure personal information and private chats. With end-to-end encryption, adjustable privacy settings, and features like Hidden Chats and the Viber-Screen Lock option, you can ensure that your conversations remain private and secure.

By utilizing these privacy measures, you can have peace of mind while using Viber for communication.