How to Make Money By Competing in The Ranch of Rivershine

Competing in horse competitions can be a great way to earn money in the game and progress towards unlocking new features. This strategy guide will help you optimize your horse’s energy and maximize your chances of winning.

Why Compete?

Competitions are essential in the early game for earning money and unlocking new trails, horses, and ranch additions. The payout for competitions increases as you unlock new trail competitions, making it worthwhile to save your money and invest in unlocking new trails.

Managing Your Horse’s Energy

A fully trained horse, with 0% potential remaining, can compete up to twice per day without needing a treat to replenish its energy. However, a non-fully trained horse will likely require an apple or carrot to restore energy for additional competitions in the same day. You can give your horse a treat by dismounting and clicking on “Horse Information.”

Winning Competitions

For the following strategy, it is best to have a fully trained horse as they will have more energy remaining after each competition. Keep in mind that competitions consume the horse’s daily energy, which can only be replenished the next day or by using a treat.

The key to winning competitions is to make the most out of your gallop.

  1. Gallop as much as possible without completely depleting the energy bar. Galloping is faster than cantering but actively reduces the energy bar.
  2. Slow down to a canter once your energy bar is nearly empty (in the red). The energy bar will naturally refill while cantering or when jumping (as long as you aren’t galloping over jumps!).
  3. Once you have enough energy to spare for a short distance, gallop again.

Key Takeaways

  • Gallop on the long distances between jumps.
  • Canter over jumps instead of galloping over them. Galloping over jumps depletes the energy bar but doesn’t speed up the jumping animation.
  • Avoid letting your horse’s energy bar hit 0, as it will take longer to refill and you won’t be able to gallop until it does.

$250 Win Bonus

Each in-game day, if you secure 1st place in a competition, you receive a $250 win bonus. It’s important to note that this bonus is per competition per day, not per day in general.

For example, if you compete in the Crystal Lake race twice in one day and win both times, you will only receive the $250 bonus once. However, if you win 1st place in Crystal Lake and also in Lupine Meadow, you will receive the $250 bonus twice, totaling an additional $500 per day.

To maximize your earnings, prioritize entering the two races with the highest payout per day. This approach will yield an extra $500 compared to doing the highest payout race twice in one day. While the profit margin may be small for beginner races, every penny counts when you’re starting out!

By following these strategies, you can optimize your horse’s energy usage, increase your chances of winning competitions, and maximize your earnings in the game. Good luck and happy competing!

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