How to Open Inventory in Palworld While Sprinting

So, you tried to open your inventory while sprinting (assuming you use Shift to sprint and Tab to open your inventory, which would be the default keybinds). Impressive finger work there, champ!

The Steam Overlay

What you’ve opened by pressing Shift + Tab is called the “Steam Overlay”. It contains cool things like a clock, what your friends are doing, how long you’ve been playing for, and the guides (where I assume you’ve found this one from). It sure is helpful, but if you (like me) open the inventory while sprinting, it can get annoying.

How To Turn it Off

This works per-game, so this setting won’t be turned off in other games where you might wanna pull out the Steam Overlay

1. Right click on Palworld in your library.

2. Select ‘Properties’

3. Ensure the ‘General’ tab is open

4. Untick the box ‘Enable Steam Overlay while in-game’

That’s all there is to it. Enjoy opening your inventory while sprinting without being interrupted by the Steam Overlay

I Still Want to Use the Steam Overlay In-game and Being Able to Inventory Check Sprint

Say you still want to use the Steam Overlay and check inventory while sprinting, for a few reasons like chatting with the bros, pulling up Steam guides, etc. You could change the keybinds for Steam Overlay to something other than shift+tab. Keep in mind this change applies to all games instead of per game like the section before.

Here is how you do so:

1. Click the Steam button at the top left of the app (in the same bar as View, Friends, Games, Help)

2. Click on Settings (just above Exit)

3. Click on the In Game tab (most bottom tab of the 2nd partition)

4. Change the Overlay Shortcut Key(s) to whatever button combination you want (this setting is the first setting from the top that lets you edit inputs)

Most people change it to ctrl+tab, although you might run into a game that does use that combination. ctrl+shift+tab is a more complex combination that would require conscious decision to press for a specific function. I’ve also seen shift+f1, although that could be problematic if the game does something when f1 is pressed

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