How to Open the Gate in Market Manors in Gloomwood

A small hint and image-filled guide to show you all the levers needed to open that gate in the rooms above Queen’s Road.


This guide will tell and show you how to open this gate in Lord Marvin’s manor (room in the bridge above Queen’s Road aka main Market street).

The guide will provide hints as well as solutions for finding every lever needed to open the gate.

Where are they?

The first switch

  • Hint 1: There’s a lot of wood around it…
  • Hint 2: This room with only one bookshelf and two chairs is surely a suspicious one…

Solution: On the left of the gate, open the door, go through it.

There will be a bookshelf with a switch hidden behind some books.

The second switch

  • Hint 1: Look around the room with the gate…
  • Hint 2: This statue looks interesting, doesn’t it?

Solution: Near the statue, near the bottom of the wall there’s a switch.

Wasn’t hidden too well after all, was it?

The third switch

  • Hint 1: In a pretty fancy room…
  • Hint 2: These angel statues do have a lot of space behind them, don’t they?

Solution: From the room with the gate go upstairs and turn left. There will be two angle statues in the room. You need the one I pointed on in the image.

On it’s back there’s a third switch.

The fourth switch

  • Hint 1: In a place that hold a lot of knowledge…
  • Hint 2: That ladder on a bookshelf in the library may be there for something other than getting books…

Solution: In the next room after the one with angels and the third switch, there’s a ladder on a bookshelf. Use it or some other way to climb up.

Once you do it, there will be a crate with heal syringe and the last switch.

That’s all of them.

Now you can finally discover what’s in there…

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