How to Perform a Successful Experiment in Placid Plastic Duck Simulator

This guide aims to give an in-depth explanation of the Milk Away achievement. What do you need to do to get it, what matters and what doesn’t for it. All explained in detail and not in vague, ambiguous terms.

Why does this guide exist?

Mostly because I became increasingly frustrated after looking up explanations of for achievement and being met with the same basic sentence which didn’t really explain much:

  • Wait for the UFO Duck to teleport 5 Cow Ducks into the Bowl on Hippospace Download, and watch the experiment happen.

First of all, not all places say “UFO Duck”, some just say “Wait for the UFO to teleport…”, to which I ask: What UFO? Where does it appear? What can I do to influence it? Or if it is the UFO Duck, do I need to free it from the X on the wall or not? And what about the Cow Duck. Do I need to be playing in Hippospace Download with the Base Duck collection in order for the actual Cow Duck to spawn?

Do the UFO Duck and Cow Duck need to be close together for the UFO Duck to teleport the Cow Duck? And after that, do I need to wait for more Cow Ducks to spawn?

Well I’m gonna answer all of these questions here, as I was unable to find any explanation whatsoever on my own. I hope to give you the help I could not find.

Things that are not related to the achievement

As far as I can tell, both the UFO Duck and the Cow Duck from the collection are not related to this achievemenet one way or the other.

If this info is wrong, please let me know.

The UFO Duck from the “Special” page of the collection:

The Cow Duck from the first page of the collection:

You are not required to play in Hippospace Download specifically with the original selection of ducks enabled. Any selection of duck pack is fine.

How to actually unlock the achievement

This achievement is earned purely passively, by playing on the Hippospace Download map. You must wait around until an environmental UFO randomly comes by and drops Cow Ducks on a cow-patterned bowl in the upper section of the map.

These Cow Ducks are not the one from your collection, you don’t need to have that Cow Duck in the pool (though the Cow Ducks that will be brought will have the same name you gave to the real Cow Duck in your collection.)

There is a counter below the cow-patterned bowl which tells you how many Cow Ducks have already been brought over. After quite a long time waiting, 5 total will be brought and the achievement will be yours.

This is the cow-patterned bowl that will receive the Cow Ducks:

This is the counter that tells you how many Cow Ducks have already been brought over (in the screenshot it says 4):

This is what the UFO looks like when it brings over a Cow Duck:

What is your reward?

After all 5 Cow Ducks are brought over, the counter will reset to 0 and a Cow Floatie will spawn in the pool right below where the Cow-patterned bowl is. For what this game is, I’d say that’s a pretty cool reward.

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