How to Play Chaos Run in Prodigal

Starting a Randomizer/Chaos is the hardest part as the key items needed to progress though the game are shuffled.

This guide offers tips help you get the starter key items which help you get momentum to beat the run.

Starting a Chaos/Randomizer Run

After beating the game once make a new save file and talk to the blue wizard fellow

He will take you to the altar dimension.

Go to the left and interact with these red crystal

He will take you to the randomizer seed room

Input any seed you want and talk to the red crystal to start the challenge

Pre Pickaxe Items Locations

Finding the Pickaxe is the next step and it could be anywhere. These are the possible locations

bush next to lynn’s house

crate next to tess’s shop

bush outside oakley’s shop

bush next to the bridge

a plant pot in the dining room of ashwood’s house

inside the warehouse, to the very back

a cactus across from where crocodile stands upstairs in the casino

chest where pickaxe normally is

Ideally you now have the Pickaxe

Post Pickaxe Locations

Now that you have a pickaxe you have access to more items to find the dredge hand.

Mushroom in forest

Heart Ore by River’s house

Create by Tidal Mine

First chest in Boneyard

Secret room in boneyard (3 chests)

Bush near the island where frost flower is

Inside Pirate Cove chest

Getting Knuckle and Lariat

Now that you have a pickaxe and dredge hand let’s work on getting the Rust Knuckle and Lariat

Get the key to tidal mine from Mariana

Make sure to get the harmonica from Grandpa’s bedside

Enter Tidal Mine and Move the Turtle

Buy the Knuckle and Lariat from Zaegul’s Secret Shop

Go Beat the Game

At this point you should have all the key items you should be able beat all the dungeons as well get all the items in the overworld. Remember that most dungeons have a secret room that will contain a chest or 2.

To Beat Act 1 you need

Drowned Ore


Miasmic Extract

Broken Sword

To Beat Act 2 you need

Any 2 of the following:

Fury Heart

Frozen Heart

The Shattered Soul

The Splinter

The Sunset Painting

Since items are random you just need to loot items until you get the items you need.

After getting color corrected in Act 2 you go to the lighthouse and beat the game.

Things can get a little silly as you can randomly get late game items that can unlock all sorts of late game dungeons.

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