How to Plant Wheat in Ranch Simulator

Planting wheat is a fundamental aspect of building a successful ranch in Ranch Simulator. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to grow a wheat crop and the essential tools you’ll need.

Tools Required / Prices and Location

Tractor(1200$)Location(Hardware Store): A tractor is essential for tilling the soil and planting seeds efficiently. Ensure it’s fueled and in good condition.

You Need to Use this Tools in Order:

  • Cultivator(400$)Location(Hardware Store): Used to prepare soil for planting crops
  • Seeder Attachment(400$)Location(Hardware Store): Attach a seeder to your tractor to plant the wheat seeds.
  • Wheat Seeds(100$)Location(General Store): Purchase wheat seeds from General Store and use them in the Seeder Attachment you will need 3 of it so it’s 300$.
  • Harvester(2000$)Location(Hardware Store): Designed for efficiently collecting and harvesting mature crops such as wheat, corn, and sunflowers.
  • Granary(1750$): On your build book you can find a granary inside the 3 lines in the 4th page (you will need 1 concrete bag for 250$ and 3x metal plates for 1500$)

Total: 6050$


  • Fertilizer spreader(600$): (If you want your seeds to grow faster you will also need Fertilizer for it).
  • Fertilizer(100$) Location (General Store): You will need 4 of it since the fertilizer spreader can carry 30L and each fertilizer has 7L.


  • Drive your tractor to the desired field where you want to plant wheat.
  • Make sure the field is cleared of debris or other crops.
  • Equip the cultivator attachment on your tractor.
  • Fill the seeder with wheat seeds from your inventory.
  • Lower the seeder to the desired planting depth .
  • With the seeder attached, activate the tractor and lower the seeder.
  • Begin driving the tractor over the tilled soil to sow the wheat seeds.
  • Drive slowly over the field, and the seeder will till the soil as you move

Getting to Work

Fertilizing (Optional):

Fertilizing your wheat crop can improve its growth and yield. Use a fertilizer spreader attached to your tractor if you choose to fertilize.

Watering (As Needed):

Wheat needs adequate water to grow. Ensure that your field receives sufficient rain or use the water hose to water your crops if needed.

Wait and Maintain:

Now that your wheat is planted, it’s time to wait for it to grow. Monitor the field for any signs of disease or pests.


Wheat is typically ready for harvest when the plants turn yellow and the heads of wheat appear fully formed.

Use a combine harvester to efficiently harvest your wheat crop.

Selling Your Wheat:

Transport the harvested wheat to a market or sell it through your ranch’s shop to make a profit or you can use it for yourself instead of buying the wheat bags

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