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How to Recruit Minthara in Baldur’s Gate 3

Recruiting Minthara without running through hassle. The “bug” this guide focuses on is the “Enemy of Justice” condition that shows up in Act 2 when you knock enemies out while they witness you murder someone and they are a character in Act 2.

Minthara and Bug Issues

Minthara MUST have the condition “Temporary Hostile
Minthara MUST NOT have the condition “Witness

When she has the “Witness” condition you get the “Enemy of Justice” condition bug when starting act 2

Recruiting Minthara

Avoid using Long Rests and Fast Traveling during the quests just to be safe

Step 1:

Accept the quest in defeating the 3 goblin leaders and helping Halsin. Once you save Halsin tell him to sit still in the prison area and head straight to Minthara.

Step 2:

When confronting Minthara, be sure to make her Temporarily Hostile.

To easily gain the Temporary Hostile condition and making it easier without having the goblin reinforcements come, I recommend throwing the Scrying Eye into the abyss.


Step 3:

Once in combat you must knock her out by toggling Non-Lethal Attacks in the passives tab without killing the goblin guards around her to avoid the Witness condition. After knocking her out you may kill the rest of the goblin camp while avoiding using Long Rests and Fast Traveling.

Remember toggle the Non-Lethal Attacks off after knocking Minthara out!

We do not want any witnesses or it will cause trouble later

Ideal conditions

Non-Ideal conditions

Step 4:

Finish the quest given by Halsin and speak to him and the rest of the main supporting characters at the Grove, when that is done you may long rest.

Step 5:

When you eventually meet her at Moonrise Tower go straight to the basement and save her either through dialogue or fighting.

Once it’s all complete leave Moonrise Tower without Fast Traveling and enter your camp, hopefully she will be there bug free.

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