How to Repair Your House in Coral Island

Repairing your house is one of the earliest quests that you need to complete in Coral Island. This quest is quite easy as you only need to gather the needed materials to repair your house. You can follow the steps below on how to get started.

How to Repair Your House in Coral Island

To repair your house, first, you need to gather the needed materials. You need the following materials to start the quest:

  • x50 Wood
  • x20 Stone

Once you have these resources, go to the Carpenter.

Enter the Carpenter house and proceed to the front desk. The Shop option should pop up once you get near the front desk.

Interact with it and select Upgrade House. The House Stage 1 upgrade should be available if you have the needed materials. Hit the confirm button to proceed.

There will be no interaction during the upgrade process as the NPCs will be the ones doing the job. After repairing your house, you can collect your reward by going to the Quest tab.