How to Replay Tomb Raider: Underworld Without Losing Collectibles and Upgrades

For individuals seeking to revisit the game’s puzzles and narrative while retaining their hard-earned collectibles and health upgrades, there exists a clandestine option undisclosed by the game.

Here’s how you can access it:

  1. First and foremost, complete the main storyline. It goes without saying that to embark on New Game Plus (NG+), you must have already finished the final stage.
  2. Opt for Treasure Hunter Mode. Although this selection transports you back to a previous level, rest assured that all enemies and puzzles will already be conquered. Despite not being the ultimate objective, this step is indispensable.
  3. While engaged in a stage under Treasure Hunter Mode, pause the game and initiate a New Game. You’ll encounter the familiar prompt to choose your desired difficulty level, akin to commencing afresh.
  4. By initiating a New Game through this method, you’ll observe that your PDA still holds all your collectibles and Relics intact, despite embarking on the story anew. Take a moment to verify that everything you amassed previously remains intact before proceeding to overwrite your save data.

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