How to Revive Virginia and Kelvin in Sons Of The Forest

Took me a few hours to figure it out but I got it. Here’s how you can easily revive these two useful companions in Sons Of The Forest.


Make a backup of your save if you don’t want to corrupt anything obviously

This may mess with a few game things and will reset Virginia tamed status I am pretty sure

Alternate method

Someone found a cleaner method on Reddit and I recommend trying that if you are more experienced with file editing and more comfortable doing so.

How to Revive

These are the steps to get Kelvin and Virginia back in your save game if you accidentally or intentionally killed them. Without making a new game.

Start by creating a new game that doesn’t have the NPCs dead and once you load in, navigate to your save file location. it will be in


Singleplayer and multiplayer files may differ but are generally the same for multiplayer you are wanting to go to the file named “multiplayer” not “multiplayerclient”

The newer file will be the new game you are going to take the file named savedata.json and transfer it to the older file that you are wanting to play on. When you load it all NPCs in the save will reload to the state they were in for that new save you just created.


This will mess with cannibal spawns and revert your game to an earlier state which will reset certain game counters. This can be fixed by replacing the data at the bottom of the savedata.json file in your new save with the data with the same data at the bottom

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