How to Score 7 Perfect Placements in Dorfromantik

Here are some tips on how to achieve a seven-perfect tile placement in Dorfromantik and obtain all the planner-related achievements in the game.


Before proceeding, ensure that you have unlocked the challenge quest for the Planner achievement in Dorfromantik.

In Dorfromantik, unlocking achievements requires completing pre-placed tile objectives.

To unlock all challenge quests quickly, you can refer to this brief video guide:

Step by step

To begin, launch the game and select any tile adjacent to the starting tile, indicated by green color in the screenshot below, as your central empty tile.

The selected tile will serve as the final tile that you need to fill. In the image below, I have chosen the violet tile on the northeast side as my central tile. Note that every adjacent green tile will also need to be completed perfectly.

Use simple, one or two motif tiles to fill the adjacent tiles. Forest tiles are generally the easiest to use. Try to avoid train tracks as much as possible and keep them far away from your central tile. In the image below, I have placed them in a line parallel to my water.

When searching for appropriate tiles for your perfect setup, try to complete as many quests as possible to avoid running out of tiles.

With time, you will complete the setup and find your final tile. Congratulations on achieving the seven perfect tile placements! For a better understanding of this process, you can refer to my video, which showcases my full run as an example.

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