How to Set Automatic Transmission to Perform Better in Mon Bazou

Modify the ECU settings

If you want the automatic transmission to perform better, you need to tune your car using an aftermarket ECU (which is installed and accessed via the glovebox)

Access the ECU via the glovebox and set the power curve for maximum low down torque.

The settings I used for my power curve were 25,25,25,20,0,0

“The auto box will always change up when it runs out of puff at the top end, so changing the up shift point doesn’t matter. The problem is that it is always too late to downshift, and can leave you stuck at 2000rpm for several seconds regardless of what you do.

So, the solution is to tune for maximum low end torque. So crank up the first 3 numbers as far as you can, and reduce the last 2 to 0. Combined with the turbo set at say, 10PSI with traction control on maximum, this is actually quite fast.”

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