How to Setup Local Day of Dragons Server on Windows

Quick tuto how to setup a local server.

How to Setup Local Day of Dragons Server on Windows

1) Download steamcmd and unzip it where you want.

2) Open a windows administrator console where you unzipped steamcmd

Menu > search 'cmd' > right click > run as admin > cd YOUR_PATH_TO_STEAMCMD_DIRECTORY

3) Execute steamcmd in a batch cmd administrator prompt, and run the following commands:

login anonymous
app_update 1088320 
app_update 1088320 validate

You then need to configure port forwarding and network accordingly.

If you are in a LAN environment, you’ll need to configure port forwarding on your local router, as well as open ports in Windows firewall.

Make sure these are opened and forwarded to the ip hosting the server:


The server is also using a TCP port over 50000, but I didn’t need to do anything particular for it.

I didn’t checked if the client/server uses UPNP for dynamic port redirection, but it can also be worth to enable it.

4) Configure the server as explained here.

5) I had to replace the following files under (\Dragons\Binaries\Win64\) by the one from my steam client directory, or i get errors “securerandombytes entry point not found”.

Said files are:

  • steamclient64.dll
  • tier0_s64.dll
  • vstdlib_s64.dll

6) You can finally boot it, here is the command line i use on my side (in a .cmd file)

start "" /NORMAL "C:\DATA\dodserver\steamcmd\steamapps\common\dayofdragons_server\DragonsServer.exe" -SteamServerName="XXXXXXXXXXXXX" -log ?QueryPort=27017 -NOSTEAM

7) you should be able to see it after refreshing your client serverlist.

What doesn’t Work

Here is also what i tried and didn’t worked:

– ipv6 for client/server isn’t supported
– running the server in a Virtual Machine doesn’t work as hypervisors don’t implement 3D acceleration, and miss fully functionnal drivers to allow the client to run properly. I guess the only situation where it could work would be a pcie passthrough to your GPU, but i haven’t tested it.
– For some reason, i couldn’t run get the client and server to run directly on my computer, i ran server on a separate computer.

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