How to Steal a Cannon in Last Train Home

Did you know it’s possible to neutralize the crew of a cannon/mortar and repurpose it as a potent weapon in your mission to eliminate enemies? Here’s how.

How to Steal a Cannon

First of, yes, It’s possible, kind of. You can definitely see that developers did not intend for you to kill the cannon crew and then use that cannon/mortar gun. But YES, you can.

1) Kill all enemies that are close to the cannon.
2) Then tactically position your men in stealth mode around the cannon.
3) Disable stealth for ONE of your soldiers so he can start shooting the cannon and its crew.
– This will make the cannon crew leave the gun.
4) Pause the game, order all your men to stop hiding, and shoot them.
5) After killing the crew, immediately stop the game and order everyone to hide again.
– because even an empty cannon is still counted as an enemy until manned by your men.

6) Choose two soldiers, man the cannon, and enjoy the power.

Some missions are really fun with cannons on your side.

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